Well, WordPress 1.5 is pretty good. A few improvements have been made, especially the way WP deals with comment spam. Small improvements, but better than a kick up the cakehole.

For those of you thinking about using it or upgrading from 1.2, the Template system is complicated (for numbnuts like me anyway) but can be figured out pretty easily by using the WordPress Codex. Sitting down looking at php tags isn’t the most constructive way to spend a Saturday but at least I’ve got the cricket to listen to on the radio.

Upgrading stuff is fun isn’t it? I upgraded my mobile phone after I ran over my last one. My new phone has a digital compass on it. While reading the 96 page booklet that came with the phone, I noticed it stated that using the compass drains the battery very quickly. Fucking great! So if I get lost in the bush for 10 days I have to take the charger with me. If it wasn’t for the fact that I need a mobile to make a living, I’d be a much happier man without the prick of a thing.

As far as consumer electronics goes my life has a great potential for ‘upgradation’. While just about everyone I know has gone on a spending spree over the last 4 years, I’ve managed to limit my spening to a CD/MP3 player (which is stuffed), a cheap PC and a mobile phone. The fridge is rooted, but it keeps the food and beer cold. The washing machine requires constant assistance when doing its job, but it washes the grundies. The jug and toaster are entering their teenage years, the video is going to high school next year and the tv, well, it is so old it has now developed artificial intelligence. Whenever something decent is on the box it decides to pack up and go to lunch. Robbers must hate people like myself and my wife.